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Free Reliability Coaching


As part of my reliability coaching service, I’ve decided to make a bold decision: all new clients can schedule their first hour with me, absolutely free.

Here’s why I’m doing this:

On-call is a tough job.

I know engineers (including myself) that have spent many late nights, weekends, and even holidays away from their friends and family because they are busy on their computer or on a conference call addressing a production incident.

That should never be the status quo.

If I can spend one hour with someone and show them a way to improve the work-life balance for themselves and their team (regardless if they work with me again), it would bring a lot of satisfaction.

Also, I enjoy getting to know people and creating new connections, regardless if they become a client or not. There may be an opportunity to help each other in the future!

Claim your free coaching session here!

(Image credit: Joshua Worokiecki)