A guide for your SRE/DevOps journey!

Imagine having an experienced engineer and leader on your team that’s always available to discuss and strategize with you on launching, running, and scaling your products.

You know your application, infrastructure, and your team inside and out, but nothing beats having that person in your back pocket that you can go to when you need guidance- and fast.

Scheduling Reliability Coaching sessions with me gives you access to an encyclopedic knowledge of running services in production- enabling you to quickly formulate a plan of action for removing the impediments preventing you from delivering business value. Available timeslots are offered M-F 9-5 ET, excluding holidays.

In the past, I’ve provided guidance on both technical and leadership matters:

  • monitoring and alerting strategies for on-prem and cloud environments
  • better work management using a ticketing system and a lightweight agile process
  • creating an oncall rotation for the first time
  • people management skills for engineering teams
  • establishing Service Level Objectives
  • credentials and access management for production systems
  • changing team and company culture using SRE and DevOps principles

Have it all at your fingertips when you need it- for a straightforward hourly rate! ($200/hr.)

First hour free for new clients!

Contact me to schedule an introduction!

Note: I also offer 24/7 oncall support for select clients. For an additional monthly fee, I will join a chatroom or conference bridge of your choosing when paged within 15 minutes to provide incident management or troubleshooting assistance.