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Certo Modo provides technical consulting, leadership, and training for any Software Engineering/IT team looking to start or improve upon how they launch and operate their products and services.

Amin Astaneh (the company's founder) brings over a decade of experience in cloud systems engineering, DevOps, and Site Reliability Engineering in both startup and Big Tech companies to help businesses launch and run their products with high uptimes and customer confidence. His certain way of working with and on engineering teams has built the reputation of being a trusted partner and guide when tackling operational challenges.

We operate out of the Boston metro area and serve engineering teams based in USA.


We offer a diverse set of services to help you along in your product's journey. Click one to learn more!

Reliability Coaching

A guide for your DevOps/SRE journey!

Let’s discuss your product’s operations, identify key challenges, and create a strategy to address them using best practices and experience!

Pay only for the time you need. Schedule an appointment M-F 9AM-5PM ET via phone or Zoom.

Will provide 24/7 incident response support to select clients for an additional monthly fee.

Ideal for organizations that wish to validate/iterate on their SRE/DevOps approach without a large investment.

$200/hr (First hour free for new clients!)

Reliability Fundamentals

Launch/operate your products with confidence!

Avoid the common pitfalls every team faces by proactively establishing the essentials— top-level monitoring via SLOs, making fast, safe, and repeatable changes to production, and managing and learning from incidents effectively.

You will be guided through a process based on years of experience helping teams in fast-paced companies launch their production systems.

Extremely valuable for teams preparing for a product launch or experiencing rapid customer growth requiring quick results (< 1 month).

$5000 flat fee.


A trusted partner for the tough challenges!

Facing complex problems that simple approaches won’t solve? I got you covered!

We’ll work together with your team and use a combination of technology, process, leadership, and training to create measurable results using my experience performing DevOps/SRE transformations!

A cost-effective choice for companies wanting to embed a change agent to tackle production and team issues and unlock hidden growth potential for themselves and their customers.

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Feedback from previous colleagues and clients!

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Webinar: Effective SLOs


Let’s get real: Service Level Objectives are hard to get right. They are indeed a transformative technique in making services reliable, however there are many potential pitfalls and antipatterns when implementing them that can lead to frustration. Let’s explore several that I’ve observed in my career!

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Webinar: Lean SRE


When we think about Site Reliability Engineering, we tend to associate it with large tech companies that have the budget to build entire departments to improve production. I think that smaller organizations and startups sadly avoid adopting these practices due to that misconception.

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The long-term vision is to scale out the team to meet client demand.

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