A trusted partner for the tough challenges!

If you’re reading this page, perhaps you are dealing with something like this:

  • Your team has done an amazing job building the MVP, but has little experience in running a production service and being on-call.
  • Your team is underwater from so many manual tasks and incidents, there’s little time to deliver value.
  • Work is hard to track and is prioritized based on whoever screams the loudest. There is a general frustration with your team’s inability to meet their needs in a timely manner.
  • Misaligned incentives between your team and others cause dysfunction and conflicts.
  • Release frequency is so low that it takes weeks if not months for features to reach production.

Situations like these can feel overwhelming and frustrating— especially when you’re in the critical path of the business and your team and customers rely on you. They aren’t easy to fix, and sometimes the answer is challenging to find from within your team or the company.

However- your situation isn’t impossible to overcome!— especially if you partner with someone who has experience in these matters.

I have dealt with all of the above situations, and have successfully created and delivered strategies, software solutions, and processes to address them. I got you covered.

Working with me in an engagement allows me to tap all of my experience as an engineer, manager, change agent, and public speaker to transform your product’s reliability story! In particular, I will:

  • Collaborate with your team to gain context and create a strategy and plan based on a set of measurable goals;
  • Provide your team with the knowledge, skills, and tools to carry out the plan based on DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering best practices;
  • Fill any skill gap the team has as we work together (management, engineering, etc)

My objective is to ensure that your tough problem is solved- but also that you and your team gain skill and confidence through the process!

Here are some testimonials from former colleagues:

  • “When I was green, you always, ALWAYS stood out because you not only had knowledge, you WANTED to share it with others in a way that lifted them up instead of grinding them down. You saw possibility in every new staffer we hired. You helped shape an attitude toward knowledge sharing that fostered a culture I was proud to be a part of.” - a technical writer

  • “Your work here has always raised the bar and enlarged the playing field at the same time because your dedication is not only to being excellent but to making sure everyone knows why (and HOW).” - a professional services manager

  • “You helped our engineering team advocate for addressing operational aspects of our product. We felt we were getting nowhere, and you helped us carve a way to communicate the challenges and frame the discussions with the Product Team. Our constant discussions on all things operations made me a better software developer and architect.” - a software engineering lead

Ready for a transformation? Contact me to schedule an introduction and get a quote!