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An Open Letter To Product Management


Hey, product managers!

I’m an engineer. We need to talk! (I promise not to spout technical jargon at you.)

Let’s be honest: our two groups don’t see eye to eye as much as we should. Perhaps now is a chance to change that!

To start, we (as engineers) understand that your job is to take the product’s vision (informed by customer desire) and bring it into reality. We get that it can be...

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Podcast Appearance: All Things Ops


Another podcast! This week I’m a guest on All Things Ops from CheckMK!

(I used CheckMK years ago as it provided an improved interface and plugin system over stock Nagios.)

Host Elias Voelker and I discussed:

  • What makes the perfect Site Reliability Engineer?
  • The reasons for and benefits of a DevOps transformation
  • The most important tools for modern Site Reliability Engineering
  • Real behind-the-scenes stories of major outages

One of my most...

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Podcast Appearance: Day Two Cloud


I’m continuing my tour as a guest on tech podcasts! This time I’m on the Day Two Cloud podcast from Packet Pushers which focuses on the realities of cloud adoption.

I really enjoyed the conversation with hosts Ned Bellavance and Ethan Banks, who were both very insightful and funny!

Don’t miss this one as it was an action-packed discussion! Together, we covered:

  • What it means to be an SRE
  • How an SRE differs...
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Podcast Appearance: Slight Reliability


Another podcast guest appearance! This time I’m on the Slight Reliability podcast, which answers “what is site reliability engineering (SRE) really about?”.

(I’m on the road this week! Next week we’ll return to our usually-scheduled articles.)

In this episode, host Stephen Townshend and I cover a lot of ground including making ops work visible, measuring toil, the power of calculating the monetary value of work, getting developers on-call, the embedded model for SRE, SLOs,...

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Podcast Appearance: Practical Operations


This week I’m a guest on the Practical Operations podcast, which focuses on “systems, operations and scaling with a focus on real world use cases and solutions to common problems”.

We discuss my experience in DevOps transformations, running a Site Reliability Engineering team, and my experience as a consultant!

Episode 137 - Amin Astaneh

I highly recommend following this podcast as the hosts are very knowledgeable and are really entertaining to listen to!