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Webinar: Effective SLOs


Let’s get real: Service Level Objectives are hard to get right. They are indeed a transformative technique in making services reliable, however there are many potential pitfalls and antipatterns when implementing them that can lead to frustration. Let’s explore several that I’ve observed in my career!

Common SLO Pitfalls

SLOs can be hard to explain

It can be a challenge to clearly articulate what they are and the value they provide, and quoting...

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Hidden Benefits Of SLOs

Best Practices

There are many articles online about Service Level Objectives(SLOs), particularly on the value they provide to customers as part of a Service Level Agreement(SLA).

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of SLOs that aren’t apparent at first glance.

Before we do, let’s quickly review the terminology from the source:

  • SLI: a service level indicator—a carefully defined quantitative measure of some aspect of the level of service that is provided.
  • SLO: is a service...