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Kanban Quickstart

Best Practices

This article introduces Kanban(看板), a very effective process for organizing your team’s work and driving improvements, especially if you are on an interrupt-driven team such as Site Reliability Engineering, Operations, IT, or Customer Support.

The essential part of the process is the kanban board, which consists of cards representing each work item. Cards are moved between columns representing the state that the work item is in usually from left to right, such as:

  • Backlog
  • ...
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Cross-Functional Collaboration

Best Practices

The most valuable and impactful work is done through others and not through the strivings of just one person. In the tech industry, creating customer value is a really complicated process and involves the efforts of different people, teams, and perspectives.

Consider a SaaS company: in order for it to be successful, groups like Engineering, Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, and Finance all need to exist and work together in tandem to create a product that...

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Emotional Intelligence

Soft Skills

When we discuss useful tools in the DevOps and SRE space, we tend to speak in terms of technology (eg: observability, configuration management, container orchestration, CI/CD). These tools enable us to be successful by introducing reliability and efficiency to the systems that support our products.

They are ubiquitous; discussed in places like Hacker News, supported by large communities, have meetups and conferences, and the enterprise versions are aggressively sold and advertised… even in unlikely places...