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Hidden Benefits Of SLOs

Best Practices

There are many articles online about Service Level Objectives(SLOs), particularly on the value they provide to customers as part of a Service Level Agreement(SLA).

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of SLOs that aren’t apparent at first glance.

Before we do, let’s quickly review the terminology from the source:

  • SLI: a service level indicator—a carefully defined quantitative measure of some aspect of the level of service that is provided.
  • SLO: is a service...
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Production Readiness Review

Best Practices

Imagine: Your team has designed and developed the initial version of an amazing product with market fit, and you wish to offer it to paying customers as soon as possible. It’s time to prepare for launch!

Product launches exist on a razor’s edge between excitement and terror. They very much depend on first impressions that customers get when using your product:

  • If successful, you win the return on investment and the credibility needed to...