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Ansible Tips and Tricks


Configuration management is an essential competency when running production systems. It enables you to define the intended state of your servers as code rather than through manual effort- saving a lot of time in the process.

Throughout my career, I’ve used Ruby-based configuration management tools like Puppet or Chef- however recently I have started to use Ansible for client projects.

Ansible is accessible to newcomers as:

  • no programming experience is required;
  • ...
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Cloud Lessons: Launching a K3S Cluster


I’m starting a new series where I share my experiences exploring cloud-native/platform engineering tools and technologies. starting with building the foundation: a Kubernetes installation in the cloud.

Why am I doing this?

  • to keep these skills sharp as I anticipate using them on client engagements!
  • to share lessons learned, for your benefit!
  • Because it’s fun! 😀

Today’s mission: get a simple Kubernetes cluster online in the cloud, using infrastructure-as-code! Since I’m an...